Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Junnar Rocks !!!

A Photo Blog Of Our Trek To Shivneri Fort And The Fun We’ve Had At Various Occasions at ‘Rashmi Greenland Agri Tourism Centre’ In Junnar.

That’s my cousin Porus - displaying his skills of driving + clicking this picture at the same time
That’s me (on LHS) behind the wheels as we set off towards Junnar
All of us after we were half way through the trek.

Hope you’ve noticed the nimbu-paani glasses in our hands. It’s a must drink for all hikers of Shivneri. The nimbu-paani vendor has been there for ages, and had extremely interesting stories to tell about Shivaji Raje & the fort.

Anudeep & Porus playing around with the “Haathi Darwaza”.

The door is really heavy and its tough to move around. Our analysis says, they used elephants to open this door – hence the name. But looking at the size of the door, I doubt if elephants ever got to see what’s on the other side of this.
This slightly blurred pic is of Poriiii & Pilluuuu posing @ Sunset @ Shivneri

That’s me just after I woke up after the sun dawned upon me. I was the only brave soul to sleep under the starry sky – mosquitoes buzzing near the ears. But WTH, they dare not bite me.
The extra beds around me belong to the mighty 3, who succumbed to the mosquitoes and went back to their rooms.
They not only missed enjoying the pure pleasure of watching millions of stars overlooking you in the night, but also failed to experience the cool breeze, the calmness and waking up to a clear-blue-magical sky the next morning. 

Early morning walk in the farm with Dadi. Hope you’ve also noticed Shivneri Fort on the mountain behind us.

Sikander, me & Urvashi a.k.a. RGL swimming champions have always tried to break our previous records of spending more than 3 hours in the pool

Guests checking out the nearby watermelon farm.

Students at a Karate Camp that was recently organized at RGATL

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