Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trek to Sinhgad…. In the rains

My love affair with Sinhgad began during the Symbi days. Our college had organized a trek to this beautiful hillock on the outskirts of Pune. It was my first time on Sinhgad and it remains a beautiful memory for me. Every time I’ve visited Sinhgad – I’ve seen a different scenery; each unique and full of its own beauty. 

Some noteworthy moments during my most recent trek to Sinhgad i.e. in July 09 –

-        I drove the Safari thru the city and till the base camp; it was hilarious to see the surprised look on the faces of by passers

-        After reaching the foothills; I was glad we had decided to trek and not drive right upto the fort, coz there was the weekend traffic jam.

-        This trek was planned with Ravi (my dependable partner in most situations), Urvashi (my sis – who mirrors most of my interests) and Sikander (my enthusiastic cousin, with his never-say-no attitude)

-        There are 2 routes for trekking enthusiasts on Sinhgad. Since its was raining continuously, we choose the non-complex one this time

-        At every curve on the route, we saw a new view; filled with numerous shades of green. I tried my best to capture the breathtaking view from the top

-        We all got wet; due to sweat as well as the rain

-        And before I sign off – here goes the Good Food Guide @ Sinhgad

o       Enroute: Boiled Seng (peanuts),

o       Once you reach: Hog on ‘Pitla and Bhakri’. The locals cook fresh food and serve you

o       On your way down: Chaiii + Kanda Bhajiii






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